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The Theatre of Public Speaking

On Demand Training + 6 Weeks of Coaching

Learn how to confidently speak in front of any size audience so you can let go of your anxiety and intentionally drive the success you deserve. Plus 6 weeks of coaching in an intimate group setting to ensure your growth, remove barriers and understand how to implement each step of the process.

The first group meeting is August 3, 2022.

Ready to advance your skills?

You can cultivate the confidence you need to capture the attention of any size audience.

And your next big presentation doesn't have to be coupled with late-night anxiety attacks and the 3am mental walkthroughs of everything that could go wrong... (you know those, am I right?).

No, really... it's possible.

As a speaking coach for high achieving leaders and a trusted go-to among Fortune 500 executives, I help female leaders like you tap into their inner Michelle Obama, Glennon Doyle, or Brenee Brown. You, too, can deliver presentations with a combination of heart, head, and magic that leads to instant impact and builds trust and influence.

Because, move over Lady Gaga, delivering a quality speech has nothing to do with being "born this way."

Here's what I want for you

  • A belief, deep in your core, that you absolutely deserve every bit of success coming your way

  • The confidence you can stride onto any stage and deliver the best speech of your life (because trust me, you can)

  • Your inbox pinging after you present with people thanking you for your speech, as it was just what they needed to hear

  • The ability, after taking my course, to truly own the power inside of you

The Theatre of Public Speaking is a step-by-step program of techniques and proven strategies for delivering an outstanding speech or presentation.

Your audience will see you as a confident leader who shares her expertise while lifting up those around her. They will come away feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to take action. By effectively delivering your message, you will create outstanding impact.

If there’s one thing more than two decades of public speaking has taught me, it’s never underestimate the power of your words. One speech has the power to change someone's life.

Exclusive Training

Your success begins with fun filled lessons packed with proven public speaking strategies. The lesson's include beginning to end presentation formats, Broadway caliber delivery techniques, and day of technical elements to execute your presentation with excellence!

Making It Easy Worksheets

The program is packed with cheat sheets including: developing an outline in 15 minutes, your pre-presentation plan, your audience engagement strategy, checklists and how-to guides that will make each step of the presentation process easy!

Live Group Coaching

There is so much to share we couldn't fit it all in! The group coaching is our time together to not only teach additional content but to help answer your questions, learn from each other and help you reach the success you desire. I also have some stellar guest speakers we can't wait for you to meet!!!! We promise this will be the highlight of your week!


I loved it so much I put my entire team through it!

Twyla Verhelst- Head of Accountant Channel, Freshbooks

Throuhg my work with Misty I was able to obtain the highest amount of investment dollars our company has ever made into a division. She helped prep my overall strategy, develop my clear story, data to support my vision and why. But I knew it was up to me to deliver it with passion and clarity. With this training I did just that. I loved the experience so much I put my entire team through so they could be outstanding megaphones for our mission.

Best decision you'll make!

Jeannie Ruesch- Marketing

Recently, I had to give a presentation to leaders at my company. The first thing I made sure to do was practice, practice, practice. This was the mantra stuck in my head from Misty Megia, who told me "Professional athletes practice. So should professional presenters." That simple tip has made all the difference in my confidence level as a speaker. That and all the theater secrets! Misty's tips and tricks translate so well into the business world of presentations— you'll be amazed at the small changes that have such a big impact. And combine that with Misty's unflagging coaching and cheerleading? If you present anything, every, and you haven't worked with her yet? Run. Sign up now. It will be the best decision you make today.

Booked For 3 Keynotes!

Nadia Rodriguez, Intuit

Before taking Misty's course giving public presentations was nerve-racking! The 1:1 coaching with Misty, her shared experience, personized feedback AND her video training was amazing! I expected this program to just tell me how to not be nervous and gain confidence when speaking. Instead, this course taught me techniques on how to become more confident. Techniques to captivate the audience and strategies to build a game changing presentation. Also fantastic insights in how to engage every personality style in the room. Since the training, I booked a keynote and then after that one went so well I got booked 2 more times!

Bring your A Game!

Nicole Butler Davis- CEO

All I can say is, “WOW!” Misty is an incredible coach and human being! The Theatre of Public Speaking (ToPS) Program went beyond my expectations. I learned so much about the technical and artistic sides of public speaking that I feel that I am a better orator and presenter because of it. What I really loved about this program is that Misty inspires you to show up with your bring your “A” game. Her feedback and encouragement is always kind but pointed enough to make you take action. And she will be your biggest advocate. If you’re on the fence about signing up for ToPS, I say jump over. You owe yourself the best and Misty is the best. Highly recommended. Thank you for such a great experience!

Invaluable Tips

Ellen Marrs, Relationship Marketing Specialist

Thanks to Misty's Speaker Engagement training, I've learned invaluable tips and best practices for an improved online training presentation. The ability to pivot from in-person speaking events on stages to online educational opportunities is a vital one and Misty has the expertise to develop that skill. From audience engagement to camera angles and lighting, Misty has a tip, trick, or suggestion to provide the best result possible. Thank you, Misty, for sharing your wisdom, wit, and experience to make others better presenters and trainers. YOU ROCK!

Collaborative, Authentic, Intentional

Loreigna Sinclair, Actress, Makeup Artist

Misty Megia is one of the most welcoming and collaborative directors that I have had the opportunity to work with. She does a great job of analyzing text and conveying the intention, while also being very receptive to the individual actors point of view. When working with Misty, an actor never feels pressured or misunderstood. The goal with Misty is always authenticity. She has a natural way of working that allows her performers to open up and really put themselves into the text to create an authentic performance.

Highly, highly, highly recommend!

Stacy Ennis, author, speaker, and founder of Nonfiction Book School

Misty Megia has helped me show up dynamically and authentically, both in person and online. Along with guidance for the strategic launch of a live program, she coached me on what I do well as a trainer and where I can improve, all with the signature Misty smile. She’s brilliant, strategic, and—dare I say—a creative genius. Thanks, in part, to the many hours we’ve spent discussing business and marketing strategy, I’ve seen my audience nearly double and my program change lives. I’m so grateful. If Misty is involved, you know it’s going to be great! Highly, highly, highly recommend!

Wisdom, warmth and expertise!

Mindi Wernick, Financial Representative

I am a newbie to doing webinars and Misty’s generous guidance was invaluable. She made suggestions on everything from managing participant engagement during  a webinar to how to angle the camera to maintain good eye contact and be seen at a flattering angle. Misty is a public speaking coach who  guides with wisdom,  warmth, and expertise!

Professionals Who Complete
The Theatre of Public Speaking

  • Understand how to captivate audiences from a boardroom presentation to the keynote stage

  • Feel empowered, not anxious, to speak to groups of all sizes

  • Are trusted by their peers and staff to deliver big messages

  • Have more engagement and energy from their audience

  • Come away with a robust toolkit to deliver their next big presentation with ease and confidence

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome: Crafting an Impactful Presentation

    • Terms of Enrollment

    • Welcome - The Foundations of Presenting

    • Tour of the Platform

    • What to Expect in the Program

    • Set Yourself Up for Success

    • Storytelling Arcs to Implement

    • Channeling Fear into Excitement

    • Questions for Goal Setting

    • Tracking Your Growth

    • Welcome Completion Bonus

  • 2

    Group Call Zoom Links

    • ToPS Group Call - Aug 3

    • Group Call Recording - Aug 3

    • ToPS Group Call - Aug 10

    • Group Call Recording - Aug 10

    • ToPS Group Call - Aug 17

    • Group Call Recording - Aug 17

    • ToPS Group Call - Aug 24

    • Group Call Recording - Aug 24

    • ToPS Group Call - Aug 31

    • Group Call Recording - Aug 31

    • ToPS Group Call - Sept 7

    • Group Call Recording - Sep 7

  • 3

    Module 1: Acting Techniques for Broadway Caliber Delivery

    • Module 1 Introduction

    • Speech Analysis and Script Scoring

    • Vocal Placement and Pace

    • Beats and Transitions Breakdown

    • Practice with Poetry

    • Practice Behaviors

    • Answering Questions Handout

  • 4

    Module 2: Strategies for Engaging Every Audience Member

    • Module 2 Introduction

    • Auditory Techniques

    • Physical Techniques

    • Visual Techniques

    • Verbal Techniques

    • Logical Techniques

    • Group/Social Learning Techniques

    • Solitary Learning Techniques

    • Congratulations

  • 5

    Module 3: Techniques for Taking the Stage

    • Module 3 Introduction

    • Dealing with Nerves

    • Physicality in Body Language

    • Stage Directions

    • Playing Different Stages

    • Impact of Underscoring

  • 6

    Module 4: Fine Tuning Your Performance Process

    • Module 4 Introduction

    • Warm Up Exercises

    • The Actor in You

    • Vocal Projection Tips with an Equity Actor

    • How to Encourage Participation in Live Events

    • Engagement Strategies in Virtual Presentations: Lesson #1 - Setting/Background

    • Engagement Strategies in Virtual Presentations: Lesson #2 - Audience Participation

    • Engagement Strategies in Virtual Presentations: Lesson #3 - Learning Styles

  • 7

    Module 5: Technical Aspects-Lights, Camera, Action!

    • Module 5 Introduction

    • Lighting Requests

    • Camera 101 Tips

    • Microphone 101 Tips

  • 8


    • Reflections

    • Earn a Board Certified ToPS Certificate

    • Terms of Enrollment Reminder

  • 9

    Bonus 1: Simple Comedy Tips with Comedian and CPA Geni Whitehouse

    • Simple Comedy Tips with Comedian and CPA Geni Whitehouse

  • 10

    Bonus 2: Marketing Yourself as a Go-To Speaker

    • Bonus Material Introduction

    • How Conferences Vet New Speakers

    • Crafting Your Perfect Bio with Best Selling Author Stacy Ennis

    • Marketing Minute: Tips and Tricks You Should Know

    • Creating a Media Kit

  • 11

    Bonus 3: Proven Strategies to Start a Presentation - The 5 Day Challenge

    • A Message from Misty

    • Day 1: Starting with Data

    • Day 2: Starting with a Story

    • Day 3: Your Unique Gift

    • Day 4: Problem - Solution

    • Day 5: Party!

    • Final Presentation

    • Congrats! Dance Party!!!!



Theatre of Public Speaking
Core Program

On-Demand Course +
Live Group Coaching
(payment plan available below)


*  Access to 6-week training
*  Over 100 pages of downloadable cheat sheets for reference and action
*  Weekly 1.5-hour group coaching calls
*  Access to Misty and her team weekly via email support
*  Ability to earn ToPS Certification
*  You’ll be added to our alumni roster that’s referenced when our corporate clients are looking for conference speakers

Theatre of Public Speaking
VIP Program

On-Demand Course +
Live Group Coaching +
1on1 Coaching
(payment plan available below)

Includes everything in Core Program:

*  Access to 6-week training
*  Over 100 pages of downloadable cheat sheets for long term reference
*  Weekly 1.5-hour group coaching calls
*  Access to Misty and her team weekly via email support
*  Ability to earn ToPS Certification
*  You’ll be added to our alumni roster that’s referenced when our corporate clients are looking for conference speakers


Four (4) 1on1 hour-long coaching sessions:

  *  Uncover your ideal topic+ Outline your speech
  *  Review Deck and Flow
  *  Branding You and Your Background
  *  Presentation Rehearsal

Still have questions or want to learn more about the program?

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About Misty

CEO and Creative Director

Misty Megia

Misty is a business strategist extraordinaire with over 20 years experience in market strategy, project management, public speaking, corporate branding, and channel marketing. She's traveled the world sharing company visions, inspiration, and marketing strategies to audiences of hundreds to thousands.

Outside of her business life, she is a performer, director, and choreographer for professional and regional theatre. She has blended her two passions of business and theatre to help high achieving individuals learn step by step skills on how to present to any size audience from the boardroom to the keynote stage. Sharing the strategies and techniques she has honed over the years, Misty helps others define their unique voice and own their career trajectory.

Group Coaching calls start August 3, 2022 @ 4PM PST.
The group calls will be 1.5 hours each week on Wednesday evenings.
I look forward to seeing your face weekly in Zoom!