5 Day Mini Course

Those sleepless nights and stomach knots can be tamed!

And you know that internal chatterbox who wants to walk through all of the scenarios at 3am?

Yeah, that can be silenced too.

You have 7 seconds to engage an audience

Presenters often spend time giving their bio and explaining what they are going to talk about, losing valuable seconds to grab the audience and bring them in.

This ramp up to the content also provides ample time for YOUR speaking anxiety to gain strength.

When we craft the perfect starter for an audience and feel the rush of excitement to share it, the anxiety energy shifts, and your ability to engage is immediate!

Here's what you'll learn from our time together!

  • Strategies for crafting an epic opening to any presentation, giving you the confidence you need to start strong.

  • Step by step examples for you to walk away with 100+ ideas for presentation starters.

  • How to unlock your creativity and tap into your authentic voice.

Speakers aren't born, they're trained

  • Engage

    Develop variety of strategies so you have outstanding options to immediately engage your audience.

  • Ignite

    Remove pre presentation anxiety and replace it with unbelievable ability to ignite the audience into action.

  • Uncover Skills

    Once you uncover the right starters, you will be able to duplicate these processes for any and all future presentations!

About Your Instructor, Misty Megia

CEO and Creative Director

Misty Megia

Misty is a business strategist extraordinaire with over 25 years experience in market strategy, education strategy, project management, public speaking, corporate branding, and channel marketing. She's traveled the world inspiring, educating, and entertaining audiences of hundreds to thousands.

Outside of her business life, she is a performer, director, and choreographer for professional and regional theatre. She has blended her two passions of business and theatre to help high achieving individuals learn step by step skills on how to present to any size audience from the boardroom to the keynote stage. Sharing the strategies and techniques she has honed over the years, Misty helps others define their unique voice and own their career trajectory.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Our Mini Course!

    • A Message from Misty

    • Tour of the Platform :)

    • Grounding Questions

  • 2

    The 5 Day Challenge

    • Day 1: Delivering Impact with Data

    • Day 2: Story Strategies

    • Day 3: Tapping into Your Unique Gifts

    • Day 4: The Problem - Solution Framework

    • Day 5: The Party Methodology!

  • 3

    Webinar Replay and More Resources

    • Webinar Replay

    • Webinar Audio

    • Reflections

    • Another Resource For Learning

    • Congrats! Dance Party!!!!