From Zoom Chats to
Keynote Stages

Nothing opens doors in your career like speaking with confidence.

Presenters often work so much on crafting the right words that they often forget about focusing on the actual delivery. Then, they wonder why their presentation didn't get the reaction they expected. When you learn the easy techniques actors use to communicate, your words will have the impact you intended. And you will be ready to shine!

The most important part of your presentation is what you DON'T say.

Here's why...

  • 70% of communication is non-verbal

  • What you don’t realize you are communicating non-verbally can easily cause tension and confusion in your audience

  • If you work on the non-verbal communication along with your carefully crafted text, you will exude confidence externally even if you aren't feeling 100% confident internally

What You'll Learn from Our Hour

  • Tactical Steps

    Easy tactical steps to implement and give you the edge to present confidently.

  • Behind the Words

    Strategies to align your non-verbal communication with your text

  • Be Heard

    Learn acting techniques to communicate exactly how you want to be heard

Perhaps your goals are to...

  • Stop the midnight heart palpitations before a presentation

  • Calm your nerves so not to speed through your presentation

  • Stop replaying a bad presentation in your mind over and over

  • Start feeling like you connected with your audience and made a difference

  • Earn the trust of your peers and staff to deliver big messages

If so, please join us to:

Learn powerful communication techniques that will change how you approach your presentation delivery.

Providing multiple ways to channel your confidence!

About Your Instructor, Misty Megia

CEO and Creative Director

Misty Megia

Misty is a business strategist extraordinaire with over 20 years experience in market strategy, project management, public speaking, corporate branding, and channel marketing. She's traveled the world sharing company visions, inspiration, and marketing strategies to audiences of hundreds to thousands.

Outside of her business life, she is a performer, director, and choreographer for professional and regional theatre. She has blended her two passions of business and theatre to help high achieving individuals learn step by step skills on how to present to any size audience from the boardroom to the keynote stage. Sharing the strategies and techniques she has honed over the years, Misty helps others define their unique voice and own their career trajectory.

What Your Peers are Saying

Guilty Fun

Esther Friedberg Karp

We had so much fun trying out non-verbal communications, that a number of us felt guilty earning three credits while doing it!

Sharing Wisdom

Ellen Marrs

Thank you Misty, for sharing your wisdom, wit, and experience to make others better presenters and trainers. You Rock!

Authentic Performances

Loreigna Sinclair

The goal with Misty is always authenticity. She has a natural way or working that allows her performers to open up and really put themselves into text to create an authentic performance.

Energy Shifting!

Megan Gavin

The energy in the room instantly changes the minute she (Misty) steps on stage and you just know your attendees are in for an experience they will never forget!